UGC NET Syllabus for Education | Sociology IQ

UGC NET Syllabus for Education | Sociology IQ

Unit 1: Educational Studies
a) Contribution of Indian Schools of philosophy (Sankhya Yoga, Vedanta,
Buddhism, Jainism) with special reference to Vidya, Dayanand
Darshan; and Islamic traditions towards educational aims and methods
of acquiring valid knowledge
b) Contribution of Western schools of thoughts (Idealism, Realism,
Naturalism, Pragmatism, Marxism, Existentialism) and their contribution
to Education with special reference to information, knowledge and
c) Approaches to Sociology of Education (symbolic Interaction, Structural
Functionalism and Conflict Theory). Concept and types of social
Institutions and their functions (family, school and society), Concept of
Social Movements, Theories of Social Movements (Relative
Deprivation, Resource Mobilization, Political Process Theory and New
Social Movement Theory)
d) Socialization and education- education and culture; Contribution of
thinkers (Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma
Gandhi, Aurobindo, J.Krishnamurthy, Paulo Freire, Wollstonecraft, Nel
Noddings and Savitribai Phule) to the development of educational
thought for social change, National Values as enshrined in the Indian
Constitution – Socialism, Secularism, justice, liberty, democracy,
equality, freedom with special reference to education

Unit 2: History, Politics and Economics of Education
a) Committees and Commissions’ Contribution to Teacher Education
Secondary Education Commission (1953), Kothari Education
Commission (1964-66), National Policy of Education (1986,1992),
National Commission on Teachers (1999), National Curriculum
Framework 2005, National Knowledge Commission (2007), Yashpal
Committee Report (2009), National Curriculum Framework for Teacher
Education (2009), Justice Verma Committee Report (2012)
b) Relationship between Policies and Education, Linkage between
Educational Policy and National Development, Determinants of
Educational Policy and Process of Policy formulation: Analysis of the
existing situation, generation of policy options, evaluation of policy
options, making the policy decision, planning of policy implementation,
policy impact assessment and subsequent policy cycles.
c) Concept of Economics of Education: Cost Benefit Analysis Vs Cost
Effective Analysis in Education, Economic returns to Higher Education
Signaling Theory Vs Human Capital Theory, Concept of Educational
Finance; Educational finance at Micro and Macro Levels, Concept of
d) Relationship Between Politics and Education, Perspectives of Politics
of Education Liberal, Conservative and Critical, Approaches to
understanding Politics (Behaviouralism, Theory of Systems Analysis
and Theory of Rational Choice), Education for Political Development
and Political Socialization

Unit 3: Learner and Learning Process
a) Growth and Development: Concept and principles ,Cognitive
Processes and stages of Cognitive Development , Personality:
Definitions and theories (Freud, Carl Rogers, Gordon Allport, Max
Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka) , Mental health and Mental hygiene
b) Approaches to Intelligence from Unitary to Multiple: Concepts of Social
intelligence, multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence Theories of
Intelligence by Sternberg, Gardner, Assessment of Intelligence,
Concepts of Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Metacognition and

c) Principles and Theories of learning: Behaviouristic, Cognitive and
Social theories of learning, Factors affecting social learning, social
competence, Concept of social cognition, understanding social
relationship and socialization goals
d) Guidance and Counselling: Nature, Principles and Need, Types of
guidance (educational, vocational, personal, health and social &
Directive, Non-directive and Eclectic), Approaches to counselling –
Cognitive-Behavioural (Albert Ellis – REBT) & Humanistic, Personcentred Counselling (Carl Rogers) – Theories of Counselling
(Behaviouristic, Rational, Emotive and Reality)

Unit 4: Teacher Education
a) Meaning, Nature and Scope of Teacher Education; Types of Teacher
Education Programs, The Structure of Teacher Education Curriculum
and its Vision in Curriculum Documents of NCERT and NCTE at
Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels , Organization of
Components of Pre-service Teacher Education Transactional
Approaches (for foundation courses) Expository, Collaborative and
Experiential learning
b) Understanding Knowledge base of Teacher Education from the view
point of Schulman, Deng and Luke & Habermas, Meaning of Reflective
Teaching and Strategies for Promoting Reflective Teaching, Models of
Teacher Education – Behaviouristic, Competency-based and Inquiry
Oriented Teacher Education Models
c) Concept, Need, Purpose and Scope of In-service Teacher Education,
Organization and Modes of In-service Teacher Education, Agencies
and Institutions of In-service Teacher Education at District, State and
National Levels (SSA, RMSA, SCERT, NCERT, NCTE and UGC),
Preliminary Consideration in Planning in-service teacher education
programme (Purpose, Duration, Resources and Budget)
d) Concept of Profession and Professionalism, Teaching as a Profession,
Professional Ethics of Teachers, Personal and Contextual factors
affecting Teacher Development, ICT Integration, Quality Enhancement
for Professionalization of Teacher Education, Innovation in Teacher

Unit 5: Curriculum Studies
a) Concept and Principles of Curriculum, Strategies of Curriculum
Development, Stages in the Process of Curriculum development,
Foundations of Curriculum Planning – Philosophical Bases (National,
democratic), Sociological basis (socio cultural reconstruction),
Psychological Bases (learner’s needs and interests),Bench marking
and Role of National level Statutory Bodies – UGC, NCTE and
University in Curriculum Development
b) Models of Curriculum Design: Traditional and Contemporary Models
(Academic / Discipline Based Model, Competency Based Model, Social
Functions / Activities Model [social reconstruction], Individual Needs &
Interests Model, Outcome Based Integrative Model , Intervention
Model, C I P P Model (Context, Input, Process, Product Model)
c) Instructional System, Instructional Media, Instructional Techniques and
Material in enhancing curriculum Transaction, Approaches to
Evaluation of Curriculum : Approaches to Curriculum and Instruction
(Academic and Competency Based Approaches), Models of Curriculum
Evaluation: Tyler’s Model, Stakes’ Model, Scriven’s Model,
Kirkpatrick’s Model
d) Meaning and types of Curriculum change, Factors affecting curriculum
change, Approaches to curriculum change, Role of students, teachers
and educational administrators in curriculum change and improvement,
Scope of curriculum research and Types of Research in Curriculum

Unit 6: Research in Education
a) Meaning and Scope of Educational Research, Meaning and steps of
Scientific Method, Characteristics of Scientific Method (Replicability,
Precision, Falsifiability and Parsimony), Types of Scientific Method
(Exploratory, Explanatory and Descriptive), Aims of research as a
scientific activity: Problem-solving, Theory Building and Prediction,
Types of research (Fundamental, Applied and Action), Approaches to
educational research (Quantitative and Qualitative), Designs in
educational research (Descriptive, Experimental and Historical)
b) Variables: Meaning of Concepts, Constructs and Variables, Types of
Variables (Independent, Dependent, Extraneous, Intervening and
Moderator), Hypotheses – Concept, Sources, Types (Research, Directional, Non-directional, Null), Formulating Hypothesis,
Characteristics of a good hypothesis, Steps of Writing a Research
Proposal, Concept of Universe and Sample, Characteristics of a good
Sample, Techniques of Sampling (Probability and Non-probability
Sampling), Tools of Research – Validity, Reliability and Standardisation
of a Tool, Types of Tools (Rating scale, Attitude scale, Questionnaire,
Aptitude test and Achievement Test, Inventory), Techniques of
Research (Observation, Interview and Projective Techniques)
c) Types of Measurement Scale (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio),
Quantitative Data Analysis – Descriptive data analysis (Measures of
central tendency, variability, fiduciary limits and graphical presentation
of data), Testing of Hypothesis (Type I and Type II Errors), Levels of
Significance, Power of a statistical test and effect size, Parametric
Techniques, Non- Parametric Techniques , Conditions to be satisfied
for using parametric techniques, Inferential data analysis, Use and
Interpretation of statistical techniques: Correlation, t-test, z-test,
ANOVA, chi-square (Equal Probability and Normal Probability
Hypothesis). Qualitative Data Analysis – Data Reduction and
Classification, Analytical Induction and Constant Comparison, Concept
of Triangulation
d) Qualitative Research Designs: Grounded Theory Designs (Types,
characteristics, designs, Steps in conducting a GT research, Strengths
and Weakness of GT) – Narrative Research Designs (Meaning and key
Characteristics, Steps in conducting NR design), Case Study (Meaning,
Characteristics, Components of a CS design, Types of CS design,
Steps of conducting a CS research, Strengths and weaknesses),
Ethnography (Meaning, Characteristics, Underlying assumptions, Steps
of conducting ethnographic research, Writing ethnographic account,
Strengths and weaknesses), Mixed Method Designs: Characteristics,
Types of MM designs (Triangulation, explanatory and exploratory
designs), Steps in conducting a MM designs, Strengths and weakness
of MM research.

Unit 7: Pedagogy, Andragogy and Assessment
a) Pedagogy, Pedagogical Analysis – Concept and Stages, Critical
Pedagogy- Meaning, Need and its implications in Teacher Education,
Organizing Teaching: Memory Level (Herbartian Model),
Understanding Level (Morrison teaching Model), Reflective Level
(Bigge and Hunt teaching Model), Concept of Andragogy in Education: Meaning, Principles, Competencies of Self-directed Learning, Theory of
Andragogy (Malcolm Knowles), The Dynamic Model of Learner
b) Assessment – Meaning, nature, perspectives (assessment for
Learning, assessment of learning and Assessment of Learning) – Types
of Assessment (Placement, formative, diagnostic, summative)
Relations between objectives and outcomes , Assessment of Cognitive
(Anderson and Krathwohl), Affective (Krathwohl) and psychomotor
domains (R.H. Dave) of learning
c) Assessment in Pedagogy of Education: Feedback Devices: Meaning,
Types, Criteria, Guidance as a Feedback Devices: Assessment of
Portfolios, Reflective Journal, Field Engagement using Rubrics,
Competency Based Evaluation, Assessment of Teacher Prepared ICT
d) Assessment in Andragogy of Education – Interaction Analysis: Flanders’
Interaction analysis, Galloway’s system of interaction analysis
(Recording of Classroom Events, Construction and Interpretation of
Interaction Matrix), Criteria for teacher evaluation (Product, Process
and Presage criteria, Rubrics for Self and Peer evaluation (Meaning,
steps of construction).

Unit 8: Technology in/ for Education
a) Concept of Educational Technology (ET) as a Discipline: (Information
Technology, Communication Technology & Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) and Instructional Technology,
Applications of Educational Technology in formal, non formal (Open
and Distance Learning), informal and inclusive education systems,
Overview of Behaviourist, Cognitive and Constructivist Theories and
their implications to Instructional Design (Skinner, Piaget, Ausubel,
Bruner, Vygotsky), Relationship between Learning Theories and
Instructional Strategies (for large and small groups, formal and non
formal groups )
b) Systems Approach to Instructional Design, Models of Development of
Instructional Design (ADDIE, ASSURE, Dick and Carey Model
Mason’s), Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction and Five E’s of
Constructivism, Nine Elements of Constructivist Instructional Design,
Application of Computers in Education: CAI, CAL, CBT, CML, Concept,
Process of preparing ODLM, Concept of e learning, Approaches to e learning (Offline, Online, Synchronous, Asynchronous, Blended
learning, mobile learning)
c) Emerging Trends in e learning: Social learning (concept , use of web
2.0 tools for learning, social networking sites, blogs, chats, video
conferencing, discussion forum), Open Education Resources (Creative
Common, Massive Open Online Courses; Concept and application), E
Inclusion – Concept of E Inclusion, Application of Assistive technology
in E learning , Quality of E Learning – Measuring quality of system:
Information, System, Service, User Satisfaction and Net Benefits (D&M
IS Success Model, 2003), Ethical Issues for E Learner and E Teacher –
Teaching, Learning and Research
d) Use of ICT in Evaluation, Administration and Research: E portfolios,
ICT for Research – Online Repositories and Online Libraries, Online
and Offline assessment tools (Online survey tools or test generators) –
Concept and Development.

Unit 9: Educational Management, Administration and Leadership
a) Educational Management and Administration – Meaning, Principles,
Functions and importance, Institutional building, POSDCORB, CPM,
PERT, Management as a system, SWOT analysis, Taylorism,
Administration as a process, Administration as a bureaucracy, Human
relations approach to Administration, Organisational compliance,
Organinsational development, Organisational climate
b) Leadership in Educational Administration: Meaning and Nature,
Approaches to leadership: Trait, Transformational, Transactional, Value
based, Cultural, Psychodynamic and Charismatic, Models of
Leadership (Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid, Fiedler’s
Contingency Model, Tri-dimensional Model, Hersey and Blanchard’s
Model, Leader-Member Exchange Theory)
c) Concept of Quality and Quality in Education: Indian and International
perspective, Evolution of Quality: Inspection, Quality Control, Quality
Assurance, Total Quality Management (TQM), Six sigma, Quality
Gurus: Walter Shewart, Edward Deming, C.K Pralhad
d) Change Management: Meaning, Need for Planned change, ThreeStep-Model of Change (Unfreezing, Moving, Refreezing), The
Japanese Models of Change: Just-in-Time, Poka yoke, Cost of Quality:
Appraisal Costs, Failure costs and Preventable costs, Cost Benefit Analysis, Cost Effective Analysis, Indian and International Quality
Assurance Agencies: Objectives, Functions, Roles and Initiatives
(National Assessment Accreditation Council [NAAC], Performance
Indicators, Quality Council of India [QCI] , International Network for
Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education [INQAAHE].

Unit 10: Inclusive Education
a) Inclusive Education: Concept, Principles, Scope and Target Groups
(Diverse learners; Including Marginalized group and Learners with
Disabilities), Evolution of the Philosophy of Inclusive Education:
Special, Integrated, Inclusive Education, Legal Provisions: Policies and
Legislations (National Policy of Education (1986), Programme of Action
of Action (1992), Persons with Disabilities Act (1995), National Policy of
Disabilities (2006), National Curriculum Framework (2005), Concession
and Facilities to Diverse Learners (Academic and Financial),
Rehabilitation Council of India Act (1992), Inclusive Education under
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Features of UNCRPD (United Nations
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) and its
b) Concept of Impairment, Disability and Handicap, Classification of
Disabilities based on ICF Model, Readiness of School and Models of
Inclusion, Prevalence, Types, Characteristics and Educational Needs of
Diverse learners’ Intellectual, Physical and Multiple Disabilities, Causes
and prevention of disabilities, Identification of Diverse Learners for
Inclusion, Educational Evaluation Methods, Techniques and Tools
c) Planning and Management of Inclusive Classrooms: Infrastructure,
Human Resource and Instructional Practices, Curriculum and
Curricular Adaptations for Diverse Learners, Assistive and Adaptive
Technology for Diverse learners: Product (Aids and Appliances) and
Process (Individualized Education Plan, Remedial Teaching), ParentProfessional Partnership: Role of Parents, Peers, Professionals,
Teachers, School
d) Barriers and Facilitators in Inclusive Education: Attitude, Social and
Educational, Current Status and Ethical Issues of inclusive education in
India, Research Trends of Inclusive Education in India.


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