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Rural Development | Sociology IQ


Rural development is a process of physical, social, cultural, and economic transformation of the rural society. It aims at improving living conditions of rural people by enhancing their capabilities. It is aimed at building capital- human, social, physical, and economic.

Rural Development in India

Rural development (RD) is not a post-independence phenomenon. The “Sevagram” in 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi; the Rural Reconstruction Institute at Shanti Niketan by R N Tagore in 1921; the Marthandam Project by Spencer Hatch in 1921 etc were some earlier efforts directed towards rural development.

However, rural development became a priority after independence mainly because of three reasons-

a) Majority of population were rural in nature.

b) Poverty was concentrated in rural areas.

c) rural development was envisaged to fulfil the aspiration of ‘welfare state’ and DPDP (Directive Principles of State Policies) Since then rural development strategies have followed different approaches based on changing environment.


1) Ministry of Rural Development.

2) Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation NITI Aayog

3) Other Ministries like Ministry of Health& Family Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Panchayati raj, Ministry of HRD etc

4) Administrative Arrangement at Districts Level (DRDA, DUDA, PTIS, DM, DDO etc) Banks and MFIS (NABARD, SIDBI, RRBS etc)


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