Marxism and Neo Marxism | Sociology IQ

Marxism and Neo Marxism | Sociology IQ

Definition of Marxism –

  1. Origin – Originate from the work of German philosopher Karl Marx and his friend Friedrich Engels in the 19th century.
  2. Marxism tries to understand the world which is based on the natural world and the society in which we stay.

Definition of Neo-Marxism –

  1. Neo-Marxism is based on the idea which is initially directed by Karl Marx.
  2. Marx believed that political power is led by economical power and this will play a major role to understand society.
  3. Neo Marxists believe that the economic system creates a wealthy class of owners and a poor class of laborers.


Difference between Marxism and Neo-Marxism –


  1. Society is a state of conflict between rich and poor.
  2. Rich become richer and poor become poorer.
  3. Minority i.e. the ruling class or the bourgeoisie, employ people to work for them and produce goods.
  4. The Relation between the ruling class and the workers is said to be the relation of production.


  1. It is a new type of thinking.
  2. Influenced by Traditional Marxism.
  3. More contemporary in nature.
  4. It incorporates other theorist’s ideas too.

Two important Neo Marxists are –

  1. Antonio Gramsci – Humanistic Marxism ( emphasize on the individual)

       2. Althusser – Structuralist Marxism.

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