What is Sun Halo? How is it formed?

A mesmerizing phenomenon — a rainbow round the Sun know as a Sun halo, was observed recently in Bengaluru. What is it? How is it formed? The halo that appeared round the Sun may be a 22-degree ring that appears because of the dispersion of sun rays as white light passes through ice crystals found in upper-level cirrus clouds, causing the halo to possess colors. The clouds … Read more

Cyclone Yaas Update | Landfall likely on 26 May

The depression over east-central Bay of Bengal is extremely likely to maneuver during a north-northwest direction and intensify into a cyclonic storm and make Cyclone Yaas more dangerous. The Cyclone Yaas is predicted to cross the coast in north Odisha­ West Bengal between Paradip. So the Waves are likely to increase their shape and will … Read more

Cyclone Tauktae and its Impact | UPSE | Sociology IQ

Cyclone Tauktae and its Impact | UPSE | Sociology IQ Cyclone Tauktae, at present focused over Lakshadweep, has increased into a cyclonic tempest. 1-It is probably going to heighten further into a serious cyclonic tempest in the following 24 hours. 2-It is probably going to move north-northwestwards and reach close to Gujarat coast by May … Read more

Ramsar convention on wetlands | Sociology IQ

Ramsar convention on wetlands | Sociology IQ Ramsar convention for wetlands  The Convention on Wetlands, signed in Ramsar (a place in Iran) in 1971. It is an intergovernmental treaty which gives the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation of wetlands and their resources. The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was developed to … Read more

Coral Reefs | Sociology IQ

Coral Reefs | Sociology IQ CORAL REEFS Coral reefs are the foremost diverse of all marine ecosystems. Perhaps, quarter of all ocean species depends reefs for food shelter. Reefs and Coral provide habitats for an outsized sort of organisms. Corals themselves are tiny animals which belong to the group Cnidaria. Other Cnidarians include jellyfish, and … Read more